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September 2019
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Ras Brando takes the lead


CONCERNED about rising costs and increasing poverty among Jamaicans, singer Ras Brando has released the song, Nation to Lead

,which is timely, based on current events surrounding the removal of vendors from the streets of Kingston and across Jamaica.

The song speaks volumes about the treatment of the less fortunate in the society by those in authority, as well as the hardships and high cost of living.

In a media release, Ras Brando related the story behind the song.

 ‘I am citizen of Jamaica and I don’t like how the country is being governed nor how my people live, just take a look at what the street vendors are facing. So when poor people can’t hustle to send their children to school what do we really think the outcome will be, Ras Brando reasoned.


Purchase Nation to Lead on iTunes

Purchase Nation to Lead on iTunes

Originally from Knoxwood in St Elizabeth, Ras Brando describes himself as a simple person from the country who has a passion for good music. He presently resides in Portmore, St Catherine.

He was just 23 years of age when he recorded his first song Rasta man Know the truth for producer Donovan James in the late 1990’s.

Since then he has worked with producers and entities including Gurr Music, In the Streets Records, Sly and Robbie, Michigan (of Michigan and Smiley) Sampaloo of Diamond Rush Records, Fat Eyes Productions and Loyal Soldiers among others.

Ras Brando’s single Conquering Lion was featured in the NBC series Constantine. His other efforts include Sonia, Receive Me in Your Heart, Deh Pon a Mission and Live Inna Earth featuring Max Romeo.

The artiste whose real name is Marlon Brown says his musical journey has been a rocky one.

‘The journey has been very rocky but in the end it has developed me to where I am and given me these grimey vocals, so I am grateful for everything’, he said.

Ras Brando is set to release an album titled High Science in June via US based Island Media Music Group.


‘The album was produced by Abidan of Copper Loxz Recordz. The entire album was done with live musicians. It is scheduled for release in June and Nation to Lead is just one of the many songs on this album that will speak on what is happening in our country and the world’, said Ras Brando.


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